What is Reiki?

During the beginning of the pandemic, founder of Restora, Yahsmene Butler, felt completely removed from her body. She was anxious and felt like her energy was scattered and her thoughts racing. At the time she lived alone, and had to find a way to soothe herself back to a calm state. That's when she first turned to reiki as a self-healing practice.

Through techniques like visualization, breath work, meditation and sound healing, she was able to tap into the profound healing powers of reiki. This allowed her to surrender to the world circumstances and tap into a place of inner safety and peace. She received her reiki attunement in January 2022 and is now able to share this life-changing gift with others.

Reiki is a healing modality that uses universal life force energy to activate self-healing for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Though anyone can perform reiki on themselves, reiki sessions are most powerful when performed by someone who has received a reiki attunement to become a reiki practitioner.

All of our products are now reiki infused!

Reiki-Infused Products

All of our products are reiki-infused by founder, Yahsmene Butler. Reiki energy can be applied to people, animals, plants and objects.

When you use reiki infused products, you also receive the self-healing benefits of reiki.

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