What is Restora?


Restora means “restore your aura.” Our mission here at Restora is to offer products, services and information intended to help you balance and restore your aura back to its natural state: balanced, glowing and magnetic.

But what is your aura and why does it even matter?

The Aura

Your aura is your energetic field. While you can’t see it with the naked eye or feel it with your hands, chances are you have sensed your aura or someone else’s.

Have you ever known someone was staring at you behind your back? Or have you felt someone’s presence without physically touching each other? Or maybe you’ve been drawn to certain people, and you just can’t quite put your finger on why they are so attractive to you.



These are all examples of the ways we can sense our aura or someone else’s. It’s a subtle sensitivity that goes beyond our usual five senses, and it’s a very powerful sensitivity indeed.

Sometimes we get a gut feeling about someone. We get the vibe that they’re kindhearted, or we just know that they’re good in bed, or we can sense that person is bad news—without any physical evidence. It’s just an internal knowing.

It’s our innate ability to sense the aura of other people, animals, places or sometimes even objects.




Magnetize Your Aura to Attract Your Dream Life

Have you ever noticed the days you’re in a good mood, you also tend to be luckier? You’ll run into the right people, or doors of opportunity seem to open up more easily. Strangers will compliment you on your outfit, or someone will hold the door open for you and give you a genuine smile.



On the flip side, I’m sure you’ve noticed the days you’re in a bad mood, nothing seems to go your way. You spill your coffee and stub your toe. Some jerk cuts you off while driving, and now you’re running late to an important meeting. One thing after the next continues to go wrong for the rest of the day, or maybe even the week.

That’s because we are magnetic beings. We attract what we are. When we are happy, more happiness comes to find us. When we are abundant, money and nourishment flow to us. When we take care of ourselves, others tend to want to take care of us as well. We simply attract what we are. 

When you set the intention to magnetize your aura, you will start attracting all of your desires. You’ll be inspired by the little things. You’ll come up with million-dollar ideas. You’ll be in the right places at the right time, because you’re following a hunch that says “turn left” even though you’re used to turning right.



How to Restore Your Aura

So how can you actually restore your aura to its natural magnetic state? The simple answer: be your authentic self. Be your weird self. Be your silly self. Be your imaginative self. Be your dramatic self. Be your loud self. Be your outstanding self. Be the best version of yourself. 

When we come out of the womb, that is when our aura is the most pure. We haven’t been discouraged by the “real” world yet. We haven’t succumbed to conditioning that encourages us to dim our light or water ourselves down. We follow our hunches boldly, curiously and confidently.



There are many ways you can return to that version of yourself. You can pick up your childhood hobbies to remember who you were, and restore that sense of wonder you felt when you were a kid again. You can meditate and reflect on what it is you actually desire out of life. You can work through your shadows through spiritual work, therapy or journaling.

But most importantly, you take inspired action every day. You choose to do something 100% for the joy of it. Maybe it’s writing a poem, or taking yourself out to dinner, or playing dress up, or watching your favorite movie over a glass of wine. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s 100% for you and it brings you true, authentic joy.



Obviously there are rituals, practices, readings, energy work, and more that you can do to restore your aura. The list is truly endless. But the most important thing you can do for yourself right now is to do what makes you happy.

You’ll be surprised what doors open up for you once you take that leap.



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