Restora's Self-Love Ritual: Step By Step

Restora's Self Love Ritual: Step-By-Step

How to use Restora's Self Love Ritual Kit for a spiritual bath, energetic cleansing, manifestation and programming your rose quartz crystal.

Cleanse yourself and your space

Start by cleaning your physical space where you’re going to perform your ritual. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a deep clean, but you want to make sure your space is free from distractions and clutter.

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Next, take a bath or shower with the intention that the water is cleaning your physical body as well as your energy body (aka your aura). We recommend using Restora’s Sugar Rose Scrub because roses are known for their high vibrational energy that offers spiritual protection, enlightenment and physical benefits like anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Finally, it’s time cleanse the energy of the space by burning your palo santo. Start by opening your window so that the trapped energy will be able to escape. Light the end of your palo santo until it catches flame, then blow it out. Your palo santo stick should have a thick, chalky smoke that you can smudge throughout your space. Focus on corners, doorways, and areas that you sleep.

Focus on corners, doorways, and areas that you sleep.

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Affirm your self love

Now it’s time to say your affirmations! Your affirmations should be in the present tense and free from any negative words like “no,” “can’t” or “won’t.” You’ll know it’s a good affirmation for you because it should feel really good in the body when you say it.

While you’re saying your affirmations, massage your Glow Oil into your skin. As you massage your body, you’ll activate your nervous system and create a mind to body connection with your affirmations. This is also going to happen every time you smell your Glow Oil – your body and mind will remember the way you felt the last time you used it.

You’ll know it’s a good affirmation for you because it should feel really good in the body when you say it.

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Affirm your self love

It’s time for the fun part! Light your Dewy Rose Candle and take out your pen and paper. It’s time to set your intention for self-love. This should be a statement or goal that is tangible, something you’re trying to call into your life.

Maybe you want to feel more at home in your body.

Maybe you want to speak more positively about yourself.

Maybe you want to exude more confidence.

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Write your intention down as though you already have it. “I feel at home in my beautiful body,” or “I only speak positively about myself.” The more you can tie positive emotions to this statement, the more effective your intention will be.

Write your statement down at least ten times. Fold up your piece of paper and put it somewhere out of sight. Release it. Then move about the rest of your days as though it already came true.

To charge your rose quartz crystal, hold the stone in your hand or up to your heart. Repeat your intention statement to yourself over and over again until you feel an energetic shift--this can feel like your mood lightening, a desire to smile, warmth or other sensations.

This is how you know your crystal is charged. Keep it on your altar and hold it when you need a reminder of self-love.

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Written by Yahsmene Butler

Founder of Restora, reiki practitioner, energy reader and intuitive healer.

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